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Chairman of the Board of Directors of BERUN Group Dai Lianrong visiting Zhongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. for research and guidance

Chairman of the Board of Directors of BERUN Group Dai Lianrong visiting Zhongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. for research and guidance

Issue Time:2018-03-29

On February 6th 2018, Dai Lianrong, chairman of the Board of Directors of BERUN Group, coming to Zhongyuan Chemical for research and guidance. Mr. Liang Runbiao, Vice Chairman of the Group and General Manager of Yuanxing Energy, Song Weitu, Vice Chairman of the Board of the Group, Chairman of the Yuanxing Company, and Zhang Jian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Company are also coming for research.

On the morning, Chairman Dai Lianrong chaired a research forum at the multi-functional hall on the fourth floor of Zhongyuan Chemistry. Members from various companies in Tongbai District attended the meeting. At the meeting, Sun Zhaohui, general manager of Zhongyuan Chemical, and general manager of Tongbai area, respectively reported about the production and operation of the company and 2018 ideas. Chairman Dai made an important speech at the meeting. He affirmed the outstanding achievements of ZhongYuanChem in 2017, and put forward ardent hopes for the future development of ZhongYuanChem from a strategic viewpoint. He pointed out ”after 20 years of hard working and progress, Zhongyuan Chemical has entered a mature development period. In the new period, the new ideas, new patterns, and new attitudes should be used to promote the new transcendence of Zhongyuan Chemistry in the new era. It is necessary to fully promote the technological progress of the natural alkaloid industry and further enhance industrial competitiveness. We must focus on conquering technological bottlenecks, enriching product varieties, improving product functions, increasing product added value, and achieving differentiated, refined, and civilian products; we must keep balance current and future overall development, improve resource extraction efficiency and comprehensive utilization of resources. Complying with and combining the development trend, we should steadily promote equipment automation and intelligent upgrades; innovate and develop growth trade, and enhance the ability to control, integrate, and mobilize market resources from the procurement side.

In conjunction with Chairman Dais speech, Liang Runbiao, General Manager of Yuan Xing Energy, requested the work of ZhongYuan Chemical in 2018 from the perspective of Yuanxing Energy. He emphasized that Zhongyuan Chemical must focus on the overall deployment of transformation and upgrading, do a good job in innovation and development, plan to upgrade the upgrading of equipment, technology, and management, focus on the implementation of product differentiation, equipment automation, fine management, and incentives. The work of the chemical industry will strive to achieve better results in 2018 and make new contributions to the transformation and upgrading of Yuanxing Energy. Sun Zhaohui, general manager of Zhongyuan Chemical, said that Zhongyuan Chemical will fully implement the spirit of the group work meeting and the research meeting, coordinating the production and management and project construction, and fully promoting technological innovation, management innovation and business model innovation for achieving better performance. 

After the meeting, Chairman Dai and his party went to the plant of Zhongyuan Chemical Manufacturing Center to get a detailed understanding of the production organization, installation operation, and product inventory.