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Sodium Bicarbonate in Dehydration

Sodium Bicarbonate in Dehydration

Update Time:2017-08-21
Sodium Bicarbonate in Dehydration
Bicarbonates are beneficial for the human body. The use of sodium bicarbonate to cure dehydration is far better than certain saline components. It has numerous health benefits. It helps in the cure of renal failure, the maintenance of an acid-base balance inside the body, and in maintaining the proper pH balance of the blood.

Sodium Bicarbonate in pH Control

Sodium bicarbonate helps in the digestion of food and in the maintenance of the proper pH balance of the blood. If the pH value of blood exceeds 7, then it results in dehydration, thus decreasing the alkaline value. And if blood tends to become acidic, it requires a lot of water to increase the pH. Thus, sodium bicarbonate helps maintain a proper pH value. Hence, athletes prefer mineral water during sports events as it helps in maintaining a proper balance of water in the blood.

Sodium Bicarbonate as a Cure for Various Illnesses

Sodium bicarbonate helps in the prevention of renal stones. A lot of sodium and potassium intake can lead to the formation of stones, which can affect health. They can cause a lot of problems while urinating, thus increasing health hazards. Sodium bicarbonate is also responsible for the cure of a lot of dental illness. These compounds help in proper maintenance of teeth by regulating water content in the gums. This tends to decrease the plaque in our teeth.

Sodium Bicarbonate for Muscular Fatigue

Sportsmen generally take sodium bicarbonate to reduce muscular fatigue which occurs due to loss of water. If sodium bicarbonate is missing, then exercising becomes difficult. Friction comes into play as far as the movement of ligaments is concerned. It does not allow the muscles and the bones to move about freely. As far as muscular fatigue goes, the formation of lactation also tends to be an important factor.

Sodium Bicarbonate for Dehydration

The most important use of sodium bicarbonate is as a remedy for dehydration as used in mineral water. Bottles of mineral water contain a lot of salts of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in it. The bicarbonates of sodium have innumerable health benefits associated with them. It is not just preferable for athletes but is also beneficial for regular people.


The intake of sodium bicarbonate is essential to ensure the removal of excess water. There is a lot of secretion inside an individual’s stomach. In order to regulate this flow of liquids, sodium bicarbonate plays a major role. Also, it helps in various problems like renal stones which can sometimes damage the urinary tract, affecting the entire urinary system. Thereby it is preferable to use sodium bicarbonate for both medical and dehydration purposes.