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How to use baking soda in daily life ?

How to use baking soda in daily life ?

Update Time:2017-06-22

How to use baking soda in daily life ?

1.Strengthen the washing cream in addition to greasy function
Add two tablespoons of baking soda to dilute the dishwashing of the essence, can help remove the oil on the pots and pans on the greasy.If the appliance sticky with the hard to wash the residual food, first bubble in the baking soda / dishwashing water, Sponge stained with dry baking soda, gently scrub can be washed off.

2.Remove the smell of the refrigerator freezer and freezer
With the opening of the container, which installed about two cups of baking soda, placed in the refrigerator freezer and freezer (placed in the middle than the rear), you can eliminate the smell of the refrigerator.It is best to change every three months fresh soda.

3.Clean the interior of the microwave oven
Add four tablespoons of baking soda in four glasses of water, wipe the inside of the microwave with sponge dip soda water, wipe and wipe it again with water. If there is a traces of hard wash, it is wiped directly with a sponge with a baking soda , Then wipe the water again.

4.Eliminate the odor of plastic heat-resistant containers
Filled with food after the plastic container.Although the wash but sometimes there will be an odor, so usually with sponge dip baking soda to wash, for more difficult to eliminate the smell, then the container soaked in four cups of water plus Four tablespoons of baking soda in the warm solution, you can eliminate the residual smell.

5.Eliminate the smell of cutting board
Chopping chopped onions, garlic, the smell is easy to stay on the chopping board, and even let other food is also stained with a smell, with baking soda powder to wash can remove the odor, keep the anvil no smell.

6.Restore the light of the silverware
Silver tableware to lose the bright color, with 3: 1 (baking soda powder: water) ratio into a paste to wipe the silverware, and then rinse with water, you can restore the original silver light.

7.Eliminate coffee and tea
You can use four cups of water plus a quarter cup of baking soda to clean the cup of coffee and tea, for a long time and not good to wash the coffee and tea, you can soak in the baking soda water overnight wash.

8.Keep the sponge fresh no smell
The sponge bubble in the rich baking soda water, you can keep the sponge fresh no smell.